Buying a New Laptop?Things One Should Consider Before Buying a Laptop
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Buying a New Laptop?Things One Should Consider Before Buying a Laptop

There are thousand models of laptops are available in the market and if one choose to buy a new one, its not going to be easy. The Article helps one to find out things one should consider before buying a laptop. Buying a laptop needs some ground work, you need to collect some information on various brands, configurations,etc.Purpose for which you are buying the new laptop is the basis to choose the configuration and other technical features.

Finding a laptop is not a difficult task but buying a proper laptop needs some ground work. We have more than 1000 models available in the market from more than 30 brands.

Consider if you are buying a laptop for a first time, then don’t expect a smooth ride. You will face difficulty from choosing brands, and understanding all available technical terms which no one really understands. Add to that you got to collect information about hardware, memory, software, monitor, and other accessories that contribute to the physical state of the laptop.

Steps to choose a best laptop for you:

First and foremost thing is the purpose; you need to be very clear about the purpose for which you are buying. (Playing Games, regular use, office use etc).Based on the purpose for which you are buying, you need to sort out the requirements.

Second most important thing is Money: You have to finalize your budget for budget and internet connection before approaching any shops.

HARDWARE Considerations:

A central processing unit (CPU), It is the brain of your computer, you need to choose the configuration based on your purpose, you can choose the basic one or the advanced one, the price varies accordingly.

A keyboard helps you to type words and play games, usually all the keyboards come with all the basic features. The basic set of features is more than enough for a user to perform all the activities.

A monitor, this is the software that displays everything you do, and you need to choose between a LCD, LED or a basic version.

A touchpad, this is considered as a substitute for Mouse pad, you can roll over it for navigation.

Though there are many hardware pieces to consider, I have given the details about very few,Only that matters most.

Operating System:

The Operating systems varies from basic windows version to the latest one, or open source operating systems like Linux. You got to choose the Operating system based on your decisions about the hardware.

The windows occupy more space and memory but it’s easy to use, on the other side Linux is very simple but you need to learn commands to navigate through the system.

Software considerations:

Don’t install heavy software’s on a low configuration system, the overall performance of the system will be affected completely.this will result in system hanging or very slow performance.

Usually the windows or Linux operating systems will come with pre installed software’s. Some of the preinstalled software’s are of no use. You always have the options to uninstall the software’s you don’t need.

If you choose Windows operating system, you need to install some software’s from third party sources, you need to download from them separately and install into your operating system.

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Comments (4)

Nicely done, Jo, but you might consider working on your titles for future articles. For example a better title for this article would have been "What to Consider When Buying a new Laptop Computer."

Good job!

Good article but the pictures are not loading for me. : (

If you are planning to purchase a laptop computer, you have to consider most importantly the hardware and sofware specifications, weight, operating system, lcd size , and battery life. The battery should stay at least 3 hours of using your laptop computer especially while on travel to consider it efficient. I really learned a lot from your article, thank you for sharing, keep it up! (LIKED and SHARED)